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Ticket Consignment Agreement

This contract is entered into between Andrew Silver of Drew's Tickets Inc. (consignee) and consignor (see name below) to sell event tickets on a consignment basis.


The consignor has the option to allow Drew's Tickets to assign prices at market value via the Broker Genius full-service platform. Broker Genius offers world-class pricing technology to help ticket sellers achieve higher productivity through the use of data analytics and industry expertise. Drew's Tickets reserves the right to allow Broker Genius to adjust inventory prices as they see fit based upon market data. The consignor has the right to assign a floor price to any ticket on the Broker Genius platform so inventory does not sell below a specific amount.

The agreed upon consignment fee will be 10% of the NET revenue received by Drew's Tickets. This fee is in addition to, separate from any marketplace fees incurred by Drew's Tickets​.  This fee will be lowered to 8% if Broker Genius pricing is not being used.


Seller agrees to ship, email or transfer tickets to the buyer if they are sold by Drew's Tickets Inc. as the company is responsible for fulfilling all orders if the designated seats sell on one of its various partner's marketplaces. The only time this provision will not be in effect, is if the consignor notifies Drew's Tickets Inc. that the tickets have been sold or need to be removed from the system Prior to the consignee selling the tickets. If the tickets are not provided to the consignee after they have sold, consignor agrees to pay liquidated damages in the amount equal to the cost of obtaining equivalent tickets to fulfill the order.  If an event is cancelled after payment has been made, the seller agrees to refund Drew's Tickets 100% of the proceeds for that sale.

If the seller requires tickets to be returned for any reason, tickets will be promptly removed from all broker networks by Drew's Tickets Inc.

Proceeds from ticket sales will be paid weekly. Invoices will be produced upon sale to verify the sale price and marketplace. The consignee will provide weekly accounting spreadsheets detailing each sale on the payout.


Payments will be issued to the seller who signs below or a designated representative.


If you agree to these terms, please enter your information in the fields below.


What would you like to list on our network? Please provide the EVENT NAME, DATE & TIME, VENUE, SECTION, ROW, AND SEAT NUMBERS associated with your tickets, as well as your asking price. A consignment representative will call you to discuss pricing strategies if prices are not provided.  If you are listing multiple events and would like to send via an email or spreadsheet, simply state "Multiple Shows" in this box.

Marketplace Exclusions

Are there any marketplaces that you DO NOT want your tickets listed on?  If so please list them below

Inventory Stock Type?

Would you like us to list your tickets as hard stock or electronic?

Payment Method?

Please select your preferred payment method.

Payment Details

Please enter your shipping address (for checks) or PayPal email address.

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